29 Aug 2019

How To Integrate LinkedIn Insight Tag Via Google Tag Manager.

Every social media platform has its own tracking mechanics. Google has Google tag manager, Facebook has Pixel tracking & LinkedIn has LinkedIn insight tag.

This article is going to explain how to integrate LinkedIn Insight tag manager through GTM on your website.

I'm using a dummy website to demonstrate how to fire a LinkedIn insight tag on a website. Before that, you should set up the website on Google tag manager console.

Also, install Tag Assistant By Google extension on the Chrome browser to check the code implementation later.

you are going to run the campaign on a company profile, so get the admin access for that also.

Step 1 : First, Login with your LinkedIn personal account and in the top go to the work tab as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 2 : There go to advertise and this will put you into the LinkedIn campaign manager. Now click the Advertise tab, that will take you to LinkedIn Campaign manager.

Step 3 : Now add your domain which you want to track. Select Account assets from the menu that lead to LinkedIn Insight Tag. Choose I will install the tag myself then copy the code.

Step 4 : Paste it in notepad & grab the LinkedIn Partner ID.

Step 5 : Now go to Google Tag Manager dashboard. To install the LinkedIn Insight tag click Add a new tag and give the relevant name something like “LinkedIn Insight tag For All pages”. 

Step 6: After naming it, click Configuration & choose the pre-built LinkedIn insight tag template.  Now paste the partner ID. There are some more settings here, just ignore it if you don’t want to customize the tracking.

Step 7 : After that, you need to deploy the LinkedIn insight tag for all pages by click Trigger & select all pages. This set up will give page views information.

Step 8 : Now Refresh website to see if the tag working properly via debug mode. And we can see the LinkedIn insight tag fired already. 

You can test tag on LinkedIn campaign manager after 24 hours only.

Step 9 : Publish the tracking code with the version name. 

What Next?

If you want to track conversions of your LinkedIn campaigns, Install the conversion tracking code. Here is the step by step process

Step 1 : Let's go over here to conversions and create a conversion.

Step 2 : Name the conversion. Example: Purchase. And enter the details for settings.

Step 3 : Select the campaign to track the conversions.

Step 4 : Define how you would like to track your conversion.

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